My 'First in the U.S.A.', Elsbett single tank DIY VW TDI conversion.

Above is the left side of engine compartment. The modified injectors and new glow plugs are already installed. Elsbett generously provided new inter injector fuel lines too. Visible at the top above the EGR valve is the coolant lines that "T" into the cabin heater hoses. They have blue tie-wraps. Above and to the left , the shiny "T" fuel line fitting which leads from the coolant heater ( not visible ) to the fuel filters on either shock tower. To the right of the EGR valve is a blue inline splice for wiring into the coolant relay just above the splice. On the left side, the electric fuel filter heater is around the std. fuel filter ( not visible ). Above the f.f. is the 3 relays that control the f.f. heater, and engine and coolant glow plugs. Below the fuel pump you can see a new fuel line warpped in pink tie-wrap. A green wire leads right to left to the thermoswitch mounted on the back of the oil filter housing. Not visible are the wires to the alternator, fuel solenoid and coolant temperature sensor.

On ethe right shock tower is where I mounted the spare fuel filter. There is little room under the hood, and this spot had the room, PLUS, two bolts were ALREADY THERE for mounting a fuel filter clamp! VW must have provisiond for f.f.'s at either side. Note the shutoff valve to the right of the coolant resevoir. To place the f.f. clamp here I had to swing the +12V battery clamp counter clockwise. It just fits between the coolant hose and fuse block.

This is the coolant fuel heater. It's small, about the size of 2 cigarette packs. It's up against the firewall on the left side, behind the air intake tube. I made a bracket out of a 2" x 12" piece of galvanized strapping. It mounts to a bolt that holds the A/C lines to the firewall. I lost the original nut to the engine pan. :( It's a 6mm nut. Planning and fabricating this bracket took 3-4 hours. I'm not entirely satisfied. While all hoses clear, there may be some chaffing to worry about. Diesels vibrate a lot and this can cause chaffing of hoses and plastic parts. I made a copper shield to wrap around hoses that rubbed against sharp metal edges. Elsbett recommends placing this below and to the left of the brake booster, but I couldn't find any suitable mounting points. Wherever it goes, you'll have to make your own bracket.

The 3 control relays. Unfinished, just laying on the left shock tower. I'll mount them with rubber to isolate them from vibration.

Just behind ( not visible )the bright white electrical connector is the thermoswitch that controls the electrics. Follow the green wire right to left. Also not visible are 2 inline splices to the engine coolant sensor in the lower right portion of the picture. Also a green wire.