This is from Sylvain Purtell: I running my TDI 2000 with wvo, soy and canola, donuts... I run 20 000 km and run very good. I'm from Montréal, Canada, Québec. The setup it's the same that Greasecar, 6 ports to switch between diesel and oil and 3 ports for backflush feature, Aluminium tank with coolant heat exchange, I use a Greasel Triple-by-pass hose to heat a line of svo. It's expensive, but it's a very good product. I use a 10 micron , heated, spin-on fuel filter, 1 micron FSI filter bag for pre filtering. The setup is like a with a backflush feature to purge a filter and a line of the svo with diesel before shutdown. It's the best setup I found for a cold weather.