Mercedes-Benz 1985 300 TD single tank Elsbett conversion done by Fryer Trucks'. Unfortunately I didn't take the best picture, the one of the completely empty trunk! No smelly hot tank of wvo in this nice M-B.

Picture showing the two fuel filters and the spare filter cutoff valve on the left. The heat exchanger is on the right. It is lower and has 14 ribs/plates. Above right is the engine coolant T into the cabin heater line. Also visible are the new glow plugs and the rebuilt and modified injectors.

Another view of the new fuel filter with the electric band heater. Note the aircraft style nuts holding the new fuel filter to the bracket. The black heat exchanger bracket can be seen behind it. It connects to a bolt holding the upper shock mount.

A close up of the wiring showing the 3 relays wired to the stock glow plug relay.

The shiny aluminum cylinder is the AC powered coolant heater , a 1500 Watt Zerostart. It's plumbed into the cabin heat line and engine coolant inlet to the water pump.