Welcome to the Connecticut Waste Vegetable Oil List, ( formerly the Connecticut Biodiesel Co-Op).

Biodiesel is no longer available here. Go to Co-Op Plus in Holyoke, Mass. Call them at 413-538-8000, 8-4 pm. Also: GreenleafBioFuels 87 Whitfield Street Guilford, CT 06437 Tel: 866.669.5677 http://www.greenleafbiofuels.com/

I'm now focused on biodiesel alternatives, such as virgin oil and conversions of cars to run on pure vegetable oil. I've been running my VW TDI with an Elsbett conversion for 108k miles now w/o vo fuel related problems. I estimate I have saved over $7500 on fuel.

You can blend in at least 20% new or used vegetable oil into any diesel engine. You could use soybean cooking oil from Costco in 35 pound/4.5 gallon containers for $5.50/gallon. Or buy 30 gallons of wvo from a local supplier for $1/gallon, filter it to 1 micron, and put it in your tank. You'd save $2/gallon, total $60. Blend it in the tank up to 20% with 80% petro diesel. The viscosity will be thinner than pure 100% biodiesel, so it will be safe for all engines. Stop blending when average outside temperatures fall below 20*F. See this study:

University College Dublin, Veg. oil as a diesel fuel extender

www.tank-depot.com Chem Tainer 525

We're building a waste vegetable oil (wvo) supply network in CT.

I've removed price qoutes because they are too variable. Expect to pay $1.50+/gallon. Even $2.50 is not a bad deal.

There are now 2 places you can purchase wvo in CT:

1. Carl in Avon has quality settled waste vegetable oil for $2.00/gallon. It's not filtered. He sells it in 30 or 55 gallon barrels. Contact him at eight -six- -oh- 6 seven five 8 +1+ *9 zeerow.

JC in the valley at 203- nine 5four -7 eight 2 three.

You can burn up to 20% veg. oil in any diesel engine or oil furnace without a conversion. The furnace will need to have it's pressure raised. This will reduce your fuel bill and lower greenhouse gas emissions. For more info, go to

Jesse Parris' veggie furnace forum

FYI... Devine Brothers out of Norwalk is selling B5 home heating oil. And check biodiesel.org CT retailers as there is now one in Waterbury and in Portland. Also look for a new biodiesel factory in Danielson and New Haven.

My Elsbett single tank VW TDI SVO conversion running on free used fryer oil

I get my used fryer oil from Carl in the Hartford area who collects it and settle filters it. All I need do is filter it to 1 micron and avoid any free water. And pan test it too. He has more for sale. He charges $2/gallon for the used fryer oil. It's very good quality waste vegetable oil. It does have a little water in it, but no free water.

Send questions to me via this email: ctbiodzl^%at%^sdf _dot_ lonestar _dot_ {org} Remove the ^% symbols and replace the at with @.

Barrels: Car washes have 30 and 55 gallon barrels for free. Just be very carefull with the caustic soap inside them. Wear eye protection. I got some caustic lye in my eye and thought I'd done permanent damage to them for awhile. They're also available from Kevin Shea "Used Poly Drums (Closed Lid -Two holes w/bung and NPT caps) that recently contained Car Wash Soaps & Cleaners. I am offering them for free and in some cases will try and drop them off for you. 203.526.2212"

Biodiesel Info: www.biodiesel.org and biodiesel.infopop.cc

Vehicles: VW www.tdiclub.com go to the 'BioDiesel+SVO' forum


CT Alternative Fuel Vehicles group

Dave H.'s wvo Rabbit